About Us

About Us

We are highly motivated people, purposely driven by unending passion to grow, inspire and create a community of individuals diverse in orientation, gender identity and gender expression, breaking above the glass ceiling daily.

Our Team

We operate perfectly when our team feels respected, involved and heard; where everyone functions as their authentic selves and do their best works daily. We reflect this in our daily commitment to creating an environment focused on equality, inclusion, empowerment and respect. When individuals feel supported, recognized and inspired, they translate their skills into productive innovations, serving beyond set goals.


At VMP, we believe in the growth and pursuit of one another, knowing no finish line until we all win.


Our Focus

Encompasses purpose, growth, education and innovation. We are committed to the culture of breaking barriers at all levels of life. We believe so well in our strengths as a team to unite and inspire people to take major moves in various stages of their lives.

Our Believe

At VMP we believe there is a better way to inspire people in a more valuable, less invasive way where internal talents are rather earned than bought; we are passionate about these and set it as OUR MISSION to achieve it.