Our Initiatives


We are VMP – Valley Mountain Plain, read through these initiatives we’ve put together for you.

Vmp Million Chat

The Idea of the VMP Million chat is to recognize Young Millionaire individuals below 25 especially in Entertainment. We are starting off from Entertainment, for the reason that Entertainment has taken off from another shade and it’s inclusion with tech has become the order of the day.

Million Chat

VMP Big Talks

The Big Talks’ Conference is an event where meticulously selected young individuals across Africa share their most outstanding discoveries and achievements in Entrepreneurship, Business, and Politics through emotional but inspirational stories. This event will open up young Entrepreneurs, Business people and politicians to employ their innovative abilities into being their most authentic selves (knowing that their success stories can go on to influence ideas and philosophies of million others), and in return, be a positive change in Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana, Congo etc. nay Africa.

Big Talks

VMP Awards

The VMP awards’ is an annually organized event to take place in a location zoned for that year across Africa. VMP has a quarterly publication in its magazine edition, enlisting group of youngsters likely to be conferred the VMP award. The articles contain a lot of details about these individuals and open to criticisms. The major criterion is that the individual must be below the age of 50.

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