Sonia Mugabo

Sonia Mugabo (29) is an ambitious, creative, and proactive young lady. A pioneer of Rwanda’s fashion industry. She is setting the standard for Rwandan fashion in global and local markets.
Sonia has accumulated a wealth of experience in branding, communication, fashion, graphic design, PR and social media, having pleasure on a networth of over $4 Million 

Her story is that of a young Rwandan lady who makes purely Rwandan unisex clothes and showcase them out for the world to see.

Sonia Mugabo, born on the 5th of May 1990 in Kigali, Rwanda is a business woman and fashion designer. She is the founder and CEO of Sonia Mugabo fashion label.

Her fashion label was established in 2013, with the label making its first debut at the Kigali fashion week on October 2013. This appearance caused her label both local and international recognition

She designs unisex dresses using materials sourced locally.

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